👨‍💻OJA Wallet

OJA Wallet Using the OJA wallet will provide you with a safe, convenient, alternative way to store your funds. OJA takes security extremely seriously with world-class standards to protect your funds at all times.

We take security measures and your trust seriously. Our priority is to ensure your account in our platform is safe. It complies with all relevant legislations

Along with its campaign and sponsorship projects, OJA gives its users the opportunity to experience blockchain technology in the easiest way. With OJA Wallet, our users will have the opportunity to both participate in campaigns and earn OJA with partnership agreements.

OJA is a wallet system that will be developed for fast, secure, and easy transactions on the ecosystem separate from the OJA crypto trading platform. Thanks to special applications created on desktop, mobile and web platforms, people will be able to use OJA wallets 24/ 7 and transfer funds at very low transaction fees and at high speeds

Desktop wallet

  • Download for Mac : link

  • Download for Windows : link

  • Download for Linux : link

Web-based wallet : account.ojacoin.org

Explorer: explorer.ojacoin.org

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