OJA Coin
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OJA Rewards

Loyalty Rewards (for merchants)

Digital currencies are quickly becoming mainstream. To accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency, OJA is proud to present OJA Brand Rewards program. As a merchant, you can participate in this program and increase your customer loyalty by rewarding your customers with OJA Coin.
This limited edition program is set to support “good-hearted” local and digital brands to give their customers compliments with OJA Coin. The customers can redeem OJA Coin with the brands offered such as services or products.
43.200.000 OJX (6% of total supply) is allocated for the brands loyalty rewards.

Community Rewards (Bounty & Airdrops)

It is the recipe for our success and what we have achieved so far. As an acknowledgment to the community, you will receive rewards from time to time, follow our social media channel to get the latest notification about our community rewards.
We have planned multiple airdrops throughout the project and the community will be rewarded by being active in the chat groups, social media, and helping promote the project.
1.440.000 OJA Coin (2% of total supply) is allocated for the community rewards.

Trading & Staking Rewards

OJA Coin at the moment has an incentive to reward OJA Coin to anyone who use OJA trading to buy other cryptocurrencies listed on the platform (Web Wallet & Exchange). The amount of OJA as rewards are based on the total FIAT value converted during the Login, Deposit, Withdraw, Buy, Sell activities.
The amount of OJA rewards will be given instantly according to the 3 factors, amount or value of the transaction (LTV), the number of available trading rewards supply, and numbers of mined blocks.
Staking Rewards
During the staking period program, there is approx. 86.000.000 OJA Coin has been staked. We commit to rewards these supporter by giving 100% APR staking rewards when they stake and hold their coins for 1 year period. This allows the team to realise the proposed roadmap and to make the coin scarce and more valuable in the market.
108.000.000 OJA Coin (15% of total supply) is allocated ~22.000.000 for the Trading & ~86.000.000 for Staking rewards.