💸Sole Mining (CPU)

Step by step

  1. Download your desktop wallet here

  2. Unzip and install the application

  3. You can choose the data folder or keep it default

  4. Run the application

  5. Your wallet will start syncing. Wait till it's fully synced to the network (grab some coffee since it may take some time)

  6. Once fully synced. Go to Tools > Debug console

  7. Enter command. Setgenerate true

  8. That's all. Just wait till your PC find some blocks to earn mining rewards.

ps: If your wallet is unable to sync with the network. You need to edit the configuration file and add nodes.

  1. Go to Tools > Open wallet configuration file. (open with text editor)

  2. Copy some Config lines from https://explorer.ojacoin.org/network/ tab Add Nodes

  3. Paste in your wallet config file and save

  4. Close your wallet and replace peers.dat file using this file https://download.ojacoin.org/peers.dat

  5. Restart your wallet and It will start syncing.

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