OJA Coin

OJA Payment

With OJA you can also make payments to merchants, send money to friends and family, or instantly convert your OJA into local currencies and other cryptocurrencies through our partnered exchanges. It’s a safe and secure way to use and transfer funds.
OJA Payment is a payment solution that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any businesses who wants to start accepting OJA or any cryptocurrency as payment. For instance, to pay for a service or product, the buyer will only have to complete the checkout, login into OJA account, and confirm the payment. The underlying OJA Coin protocol will then execute the transaction by transferring the required amount of OJA to the seller’s address. OJA Coin Payments can also be used in borderless remittances by directly sending OJA or any cryptocurrency to another user, regardless of what digital wallets they used or where they are located.